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Hire and Retain the Best Talent

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Too many hiring mistakes? High turnover?

Did you know that $72Billion is spent each year on recruiting services and product yet 46% of hires fail within the first 18 months.

Exceler8 provides the tools, predictive methodologies and coaching for organizations to recruit and retain more A Players to their sales and leadership teams. We offer access to only scientifically based selection methodology with a 90% + success rate for hiring new sales reps and managers and has helped 10,000 + sales teams and 1,000,000 + sales people.

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Build a World Class Sales Team

Exceler8 will transform the way you hire sales reps and sales managers. We teach companies a sales specific recruiting process takes the guess work out of attracting, identifying, filtering, interviewing, selecting and onboarding quality sales people.

This methodology automates, rationalizes and provides a robust framework to develop a consistently repeatable process for hiring successful salespeople and sales managers that have the skills, desire, and commitment to sell your products and services.

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Challenges With a Traditional Hiring Process (aka Hope and Pray Method)

  • It is estimated that >78% of sales people make misrepresentations on their resume
  • Self-hiring (interview & resume only) is successful <14% of the time
  • With a sales screen you double your chances of a successful hire to over 30%

By improving your screening, interviewing, ramp-up, and best you can increase your chances of a successful hire to over 75%

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Challenges with Sales Recruiting Firms

Sales recruiting firms are not experts in sales. Most of the time their compensation is weighted more on your hiring a sales rep and less on how that rep performs. They have no scientific way of tracking weather that rep has the required skills and Sales DNA to be a top tier candidate other than relying on the resume (of which >78% are inaccurate).

Exceler8 offers a turnkey process that utilizes the industries only predictive sales candidate assessment and hiring methodology. 92% of candidates we recommend rise to the top half of their salesforce in 12 months. 75% of candidates hired (against our recommendation) fail in the first 6 months.

accurate and predictive

of all Salespeople are Elite Performers

of all Salespeople are Ineffective

of Recommended Candidates Reach Top Half of Sales Force

of Non-Recommended Candidates Fail Within 6 Months

Exceler8 is a preferred partner of the objective Management Group (OMG) the pioneer of the Sales Assessment Industry that provides crucial insights to maximize sales performance in companies of all sizes and from all industries. They are the original sales assessment company, the one everyone else tries to copy. OMG’s assessments have evolved over the past three decades and have been used by more than 11,000 companies and on 1,000,000 salespeople.

Why do the top sales development experts in the world choose to use OMG assessments for their valued clients? They goes wider and deeper than anyone else and all of their findings are sales specific, not adapted for sales.

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