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Unlock your Personal and Team Potential

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Corporate Learning and Development, Goal Achievement & Strategy

Betsy Allen has been coaching, consulting strategically, training adults and creating and delivering seminars and keynotes for over 25 years. A Harvard Business School graduate, she specializes in how adults positively change behavior, performance and service excellence, team building and strategic business planning. So when Betsy’s team designs and delivers your coaching program, she challenges paradigms when appropriate, builds best buy-in, and guarantees results. Participants comment on Betsy’s high enthusiasm, creativity, positive influence and the strategic problem-solving skills she brings to helping you as you plan to grow your business.

According to The American Society for Training and Development, roughly $400 billion dollars are spent each year by businesses on training initiatives. They estimate that no more than 10% of those dollars result in measurable, improved performance.

Want to beat the odds?

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Corporate Learning and Development The Four Foundations we implement for a solid program:

It is our experience and philosophy that there exists Four Foundations upon which a corporate learning and development initiative must be based in order to maximize its capacity for success. Our business planning partnerships are created to ensure our client’s learning and development initiatives are built upon and implemented on the solid foundation of these pillars.

  • Business Reasons ” Get clear on how to design and execute your business initiatives
  • People ” Align your team with executive and line leadership throughout your business
  • Correct Data ” We’ll help you get a clear picture of the costs of the current reality; systems, placement, recruiting, and procedural constraints; and concise behavioral performance expectations
  • Behavior Change Inclusion “ How adults learn is incorporated in the design and rollout of the business plan we help you create
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Ready to Take Your Corporate Learning and Development Programs to a Whole New Level?

Johnson & Johnson Diabetes Institute, Covidien NV and Toshiba America Medical are just a few the many clients who have engaged with us. Betsy has helped medical device companies, such as Edwards Life Sciences, Allergan and Lifescan, create learning and development programs for increased training retention, performance improvement and improved sales results.

Previous clients have seen an ROI of more than 300% due to increased efficiency, better training, and minimized causes of project failure. If you’re ready to take your company to the next level with our corporate learning and development services,

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What Clients Say About Our Corporate Learning & Development Consulting

I engaged Betsy to transform our adult learning environment, challenge our healthcare professional training approach at the Johnson & Johnson Diabetes Institute and assist with in-class launch planning. The results were remarkable and moved our organization to new levels and dramatically improved post-launch student satisfaction and comprehension levels. Betsy is results-oriented, client focused and a great problem solver. Standing out for me is how good she is at listening and helping the group stay focused on results. It was my pleasure to work with Betsy to successfully launch the Johnson & Johnson Diabetes Institute.

Cliff McIntosh, President, Johnson & Johnson Diabetes Institute

Strategic Coaching

Just as a roadmap helps a driver identify the best route between two points, the strategic plan is the best way for you to ensure that the future you desire for your business becomes reality. It is the process of thinking about and envisioning the desired future and the growth that must be realized to create your future. A strategic plan is the cornerstone of building a successful, enduring business. It is the roadmap for your business.

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If you are ready to create your roadmap, exceler8 can coach you through the strategic planning process so you can:

  • Focus energies on creating your desired future
  • Become a vision-driven company that significantly outperforms their competitors
  • Guide decision-making “ making otherwise confusing decisions clear and simple
  • Align day-to-day activities with long-range objectives and vision
  • Prioritize activities “ Focus on the important, not just the urgent
  • Identify key performance measurements to manage your business’ success

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What Clients Saying:

Betsy Allen is more than a coach “ she is a strategic planning partner “ and a caring, objective third party. If you or your business suffers from malaise, malcontent, poor performance or you just aren’t happy in your work, I highly recommend scheduling a program with Betsy.

She has helped breathe energy, enthusiasm and crucial analysis into our company and improved our partnership. Make no mistake, it takes work and effort on our part so be prepared, but the results are rewarding and we are more excited about the future than we have been in several years. We are grateful for our renewed passion for our careers as a result of our working with Gaining Results.

Lucy Costa, President/Promotional Consultant,
Promotional Incentives, Inc.