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Below you will see testimonials by some of Exceler8 (previously Gaining Results, Inc) executive coaching and business consulting clients. We are proud to have worked on their projects and value their testimonials regarding our work.

See Written Testimonials and Video Testimonials below.



Written Testimonials

Thank you for the work you have done over the last year in providing training to Jay, Jason and me. You have opened my eyes up to better ways to perform parts of my job and given me good ideas for how to better work with the team. As I continue to work on growing our revenue and our team, I will continue to apply many of the lessons I've learned.

Scott J Dowd, National Director InPlace Software

Your facilitation of our work groups has enabled us to re-engineer processes and tools in a more effective fashion. Our annual sales training event you designed resulted in our most productive training activity to date. Your expertise in designing and facilitating participant-centered group tasks is world-class. Your ability to assimilate strategic design criteria for a group task, engage in the task while continually monitoring group progress toward the objective, and seamlessly modifying the original plan where course correction is required enable you to lead our work groups and training activities to our objectives in a very efficient path.

Stephen Bumb, Sr. Marketing Director
Edwards Lifesciences, LLC.

I engaged Betsy to transform our adult learning environment, challenge our healthcare professional training approach at the Johnson & Johnson Diabetes Institute and assist with in-class launch planning. The results were remarkable and moved our organization to new levels and dramatically improved post-launch student satisfaction and comprehensive levels. Betsy is results-oriented, client focused and a great problem solver. She is amazing and demonstrates compelling facilitating learning and decision-making in groups. Standing out for me is how good she is at listening and helping the group stay focused on results. In addition, she was fun to work with over several months of intense design and change activities. It was my pleasure to work with Betsy to successfully launch the J&J Diabetes Institute in 2008 and seeing the subsequent significant impact of her work.

Cliff McIntosh, President
Johnson & Johnson Diabetes Institute

My thanks for an outstanding Executive Leadership course. As you know, I have been both a serious student and practitioner of leadership principles for many years. In my previous employment, I was a senior officer in the United States Armed Forces and recently retired with 30 years active service. Your course was the best I have experienced. I was particularly impressed by the integration of professional and personal introspective techniques. When you say you must know yourself before you can effectively lead others, you mean it. This is something which I have not seen done in all my previous leadership training programs. Likewise, the worksheet to help the individual, as well as executive groups, work with a systematic approach to a solution was very enlightening. In this regard, I particularly appreciated the Goal Planning Sheets. It, of course, goes without saying none of this fine material would work without your effective ad thoughtful presentation. Your knowledge of the literature and real world experience added a real depth and texture to the presentations. In addition, your experience made our one-on-one counseling sessions a true cut above all others I have experienced. In short, thank you for a very fine course and excellent presentation.

Richard R. Clark, Ship's Manager, USS Pampanito (SS-383) The National Maritime Museum Association

Betsy is one of the most intelligent, strategic, and insightful people I've ever met. Her brilliance, mixed with her charming personality, would be an asset to any organization lucky enough to work with her.

Rebecca Morgan CSP Strategic Customer Service

I've had the opportunity to attend numerous training sessions facilitated by Betsy and each time blown away by her expertise, knowledge, and ability to impart a similar passion in others. Betsy is a true professional and someone I would highly recommend if you're looking for someone to make an immediate impact within your organization.

Kevin Condrin, Director of Training Karl Storz Endoscopy America

Betsy's facilitation style allows you to dig deep into the issues at hand and uncover the root cause. Her questions are powerful yet her communication style is soft and comforting. She has the ability to help you find innovative solutions to your most costly business problems directly affecting the bottom line.

Scott Jessup, Owner Whitfield Consulting LLC

I just wanted to give you my personal feedback. I thought your facilitation of Leadership: An Art of Possibilities fit exactly with the direction I am leading the county, fits very well with our strategic planning process. Thanks again, enjoyed it immensely.

Karen Hawes, County Manager Lee County Administration

Thank you so much for putting on a great presentation on performance last night for the SWFL IIA. Your meeting style is very engaging and quite unique. We look forward to having you at future events.

William Dabroski, CPA
The Institute of Internal Auditors, Southwest Florida Chapter

Thank you for the help you have given to the HMA group. Your coaching has helped me personally as well as our members to reach our current and future goals of providing quality of care to our patients. You have become a vital part of the success. I already knew prior to us working together your approach and assistance with keeping the important things at the forefront will improve the difference between average results to exceptional results. Thanks for all the support and helping us as an organization reach our full potential.

Lynn Stuckert, President 2011
Health Management Association

I had the pleasure of working with Betsy on the Project Management course she delivered for PSI in 2007. Betsy not only managed to adjust the course to the company's needs in a short time, but did an amazing job meeting the expectations of a diverse audience. She is an extremely knowledgeable professional, and a very enthusiastic trainer and facilitator, which allows her to share her knowledge with the group, and influence them into moving on and thinking outside of the box well after the course is finished. I would be thrilled to work with Betsy again, and I hope the opportunity will present itself.

Victoria Kazina PSI in St. Petersburg, Russia

Betsy Allen is more than a coach “ she is a strategic planning partner “ and a caring, objective third party. If you or your business suffers from malaise, malcontent, poor performance or you just aren't happy in your work, I highly recommend scheduling a program with Betsy. She has helped breathe energy, enthusiasm and crucial analysis into our company and improved our partnership. Make no mistake, it takes work and effort on our part so be prepared, but the results are rewarding and we are more excited about the future than we have been in several years. We are grateful for our renewed passion for our careers as a result of our working with Gaining Results.

Lucy Costa, President/Promotional Consultant Promotional Incentives, Inc.

Interestingly, even with a ton of other things on my mind, I lost track of time because of all the great info and constant interaction! I want my future audiences to feel that way

Alana Darden
Product Manager

The Exceler8 individual leadership program is outstanding. Each program component helped me to be better organized, focused, and productive in all areas of life—professional, personal, and family. Betsy is inspiring, thoughtful, and creative and I would recommend her program to anyone seeking to improve and reach toward higher personal goals.

Arlene Knox Leadership Program Participant

Thank you for a breakthrough session this week. I was invigorated, inspired and proceeded to have a most productive and provocative conversation with my business partner. I couldn't believe how well the conversation flowed. We shared so many outstanding ideas, and had frank discussions, all in a positive light. It looks like our revenues are up 50% over last year while maintaining a solid net margin. We appreciate your sincere interest in helping our business grow and encouraging us to achieve our dreams. You are really good at your profession, and it's been a blessing to have you on our team.

Lucy Costa, President/Promotional Consultant Promotional Incentives Inc.

Attendees at Xtreme Powerpoint Makeover: Transforming the Didactic Presentation into Interactive Behavior Change, Allergan Very engaging program led/ facilitated by a true professional who knows her subject matter like a champion and allows the participant to learn through doing.

Tracy Hopper
Marketing Director

This was the most impactful training course I've been to. I learned so much from others, the instructor and about myself.

Kelcy Heringer Product Manager

This presentation workshop really highlights the value of audience content/ presenter led presentations having much more impact. The interactive learning was very eye-opening.

Gwen Murphy

I felt the process proved to be insightful and will serve as a catalyst to reflect more as to how to improve my presentation skills. There were many pearls with which to implement in future trainings.

Blake Comeaux
Field Training Manager

I really enjoyed the class and will be able to use on Thursday. We should have this class at foundations training.

Dan Keller

I had the largest enrollment of meeting attendees during the 2 one-hour sessions on Motivational Interviewing I did for KP's annual Diabetes Symposium. There were over 400 in the first session and more than 250 in the second session. So almost all of the 764 attendees were in one of my breakout groups. Many were physicians. The meeting coordinator took me aside at the end of the day and told me the ratings of participants in those sessions were among the highest in the program. Your input for large group meetings was invaluable. I really appreciate the collaborative work you did with me and others in Dallas! Kindest regards,

Marc Steinberg, MD TheGroup4QualityCare, LLC

Betsy's energy and enthusiasm are contagious! Betsy's Sales Success 101 seminar was interactive and engaging. Through active participation, our entire sales team gained helpful insights into the sales process including relationship building, understanding the buyer, and the purchase decision. The seminar was valuable and time well spent.

Nicole Muller, Director of Marketing & Sales Cypress Cove at HealthPark Florida

Thank you soooo much for today, and for the eye lashes on the car. In fact, I just caught two little old ladies taking a picture of the car outside of the restaurant we walked out of!! Too adorable. It was a great day, and it was due largely in part to the DiSC exercise we did together “ GREAT JOB!!!

Annalisa Xioutas, President & CEO FFI Contracting Services

Betsy is a dynamic, confident, outgoing, vibrant and brilliant business consultant and executive coach.  In observing her presenting, Four Decisions: Mastering the Rockefeller Habits, I was so impressed with her energy, enthusiasm, knowledge of the material she discusses, her command of the environment, and her ability to involve the audience, pulling them into the process, and easily encouraging their participation.  She keeps things interesting, engaging, fun, insightful, and never allows the momentum to diminish for a moment.  Learning is clearly on the menu!

Larry Hart Owner, Lighthouse Media Productions

Thanks for a great visit! You are a great advocate for our manufacturers!

Senator Lisbeth Benacquisto

Betsy, The subject is the word used to describe your presentation at the Estero Chamber of Commerce, OUTSTANDING! I believe that was the most animation and conversation I have witnessed at almost any event. Again, on behalf of the Board of Directors I apologize for the bumpy start and applaud your engaging delivery!

Gene Montenieri
Chairman Board of Directors
Estero Chamber of Commerce

A quick word of thanks for the Baseline Selling training you provided to the Elekta Sales Managers this week.

Len Lyons