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What’s it All About?

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Our Purpose

Help Executives Avoid The Growth Trap and Reclaim Their Free Time

  • Are you afraid you can’t avoid shrinking profits, sustain growth, and fight this economy successfully?
  • Do you believe in hiring and growing A players yet are struggling to do so?
  • Are you surprised to be fighting fires, perhaps growing broke and expending more time/ energy than you did when you were smaller?

If you answered yes, then you are in the Growth Trap.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could implement a proven, sustainable, straightforward framework to run and grow the business faster, more profitably, expending less effort and less time? That’s exactly what we help our clients do!

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What is the Growth Trap?

A CEO is in the Growth Trap when increases in organizational complexity demand more of their energy and time than they expected. You know you are in it when you would rather work on the business and find yourself working in the business. Instead of more freedom, you have less.


There are five root causes of the Growth Trap, each of which must be addressed to create sustainable, profitable growth.

    • Increasing Complexity, Decreasing Alignment

As your organization grows more complex, it becomes increasingly difficult to put knowledge and understanding into practice. It’s not about what to do (in most cases you know this) “ it’s about how to get it done. An inability to instill discipline, habits, and alignment that are conducive to producing predictable results condemns many organizations to mediocrity.

    • Lousy People Decisions

Getting people decisions wrong creates massive headaches for you and stifles virtually every element that should be working in your organization to generate growth. Are people decisions (including recruiting, hiring, promoting, deciding who to invest in) made with best guesses or are they data driven? Doing this correctly dramatically improves staff quality, engagement, accomplishment, and retention. Consider this: Would you enthusiastically rehire every person in your company tomorrow?

    • Increasing Competition, Decreasing Margins

Growth and success is a double-edged sword. The competition is putting you on their radar, which means that you might not be as comfortably differentiated as you once were. At the same time, some of your long-standing clients are beginning to pressure you to offer them some combination of better pricing and more features / services. Both of these inevitable trends lead to decreasing margins.

    • Cash Flow Pressure, Decreasing Profit

Growth consumes cash. Pressure on your margins decreases profit. The way for a $10 million business to become a $20 million business is for it to begin to act and execute like a $20 million business. Therefore, at any moment in time, your 4 key business decisions “ Strategy, Cash Flow, People, Execution “ should reflect the next level of performance rather than the way things have been done in the past. Many things in and around your business have changed; now you must change your decisions to break free and accelerate to the next level.

    • Leadership Stagnation

Because of root causes 1-4, you are mostly past and present focused “ not future focused. You and your senior team must grow for your business to grow. Failing to acknowledge and act on this leads to insular thinking, and less growth innovation. All strengths and weaknesses in your organization can be traced directly back to the leadership team and your levels of trust, competence, discipline, alignment, and respect “ each of which requires continual care.


Running your business feels like a frustrating vicious cycle “ you take 3 steps forward and then 2-3 steps right back again. It may also feel like you’re spinning too many plates and it’s only a matter of time before they start to fall when you’re too exhausted to keep them all going. You know there is a way to make it all work, but you haven’t found it yet. We can help.

Problems We Solve


  • Top line (Strategic) and Bottom Line (Execution) Challenges
  • Organizational Alignment
  • Hiring and retaining A Players
  • Lengthy Cash Conversion Cycles
  • Unclear or No Strategy, Brand Promise, or Core Values
  • No Key Performance Indicators that are meaningful
  • Dysfunctional Leadership Teams
  • Ineffective Presentations
  • Lack of Motivation
  • Accountability issues


  • Not enough new opportunities in the pipeline
  • Low Closing Ratios
  • Long Sales Cycles
  • Inaccurate Forecasts
  • High Turnover
  • Can’t Find the Right Sales People
  • Ineffective Sales Recruiting
  • Ineffective Sales Process
  • Excuse Making
  • Lack of Sales Skills
  • Lack of Sales Management Skills
  • Margins Too Low

Meet the Dream Team

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Betsy Allen,CEO, MBA, CSP, MOK

Betsy has been coaching, consulting and training for over 30 years. A Harvard Business School graduate and Certified Executive Coach, she partners with inspired business leaders to help them exceler8 their Results, Respect and Revenue.

Specializing in how adults positively change behavior, optimize performance, sales excellence, and strategic planning, Betsy challenges paradigms, builds best buy-in and guarantees results. Participants comment on Betsy’s high enthusiasm, strategic thinking, innovation and visioning skills.Read More


Robert guides his clients through a process of professional development, growing them as leaders to build high performance teams that deliver sustainable business growth and value. As a Certified Gazelles Business Coach he draws on a suite of tools and 26 years of experience working for local and multi-national companies. He has held senior roles in business, sales, marketing and brand management in a variety of industries including technology, manufacturing, wholesale, agribusiness and FMCG. He has owned and run businesses and practiced as a business consultant and advisor. Robert is an advisor with Somerset Capital, a boutique corporate advisory firm performing a range of capital raising, M&A, strategy and C-Level executive development services.

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Kaitey Allen, Coaching Coordinator

Kaitey Allen has almost 10 years of Administrative, Customer Service and Sales Management experience with companies such as Delta Airlines, CVS Pharmacy and Enterprise Rent-A-Car. She brings organization, gusto and a strong passion for helping others to the Exceler8 team.

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